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 We provide pet sitting, house sitting, dog walks, and a full suite of training options to most of Cumberland County, Maine.

Our Place

Bring your pet to play or stay at our pet resort in North Yarmouth. If you can't bring your pet, we'll come pick them up!


Check out the store for our online courses and workshops. You can also book one-on-one virtual training in our customer portal.

Pet Care

Not spending as much time as you’d like with your pet? Don’t let your busy schedule interfere with your furry friend’s well-being. Give them the care and attention they deserve by taking advantage of our pet care services.

We offer a variety of memberships to help you get your pets what they need!



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Dog Training

Whether you're experiencing basic obedience or behavior issues, we are here to help. We use proven positive-first methods to help you and your dog communicate. Improve your lives by scheduling a free virtual evaluation today.


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How can we help?

Boarding - Bring your dog, cat, reptile or other pet to our pet resort in North Yarmouth, where they'll get to play with friends, blow off some energy and unwind in their own room, all while being cared for by our attentive staff. Convenient drop-off and pick-up times from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Rates start at $42 per night for dogs and $24 per night for cats. 

Daycare - Family heading out for a day trip? Need your pet out from under foot while you work or have visitors? Looking for an easy way to get them socialized with other dogs and people while blowing off some energy? Doggy daycare is just for you. Daycare is $30 per day.

If you're a regular, a membership can save you money on each visit.


Transportation - Can't bring your pet to us? We'll come to them. We offer transportation to and from our facility for a small additional cost of $3 each way. 

Midday Visits - Our visits start at just $15. These visits can range from a quick round of fetch or potty break in the yard to a nice long walk around the neighborhood. We'll work with you to shape the best visit for your pet. We even bring our own compostable poop bags.

Training Walk - These half-hour walks are perfect for any dogs who need to work on their leash skills. We might not walk far but will focus teaching them how to walk nicely for you.

Full-Service Training - If you have any other training concerns our trainer can come to your home while you are out to work on the issues you are having. All of these include a potty break as well as some play time to keep their brains from overloading.

Sitting Visits - Our sitting visits are ideal for cats, chickens, and rodents. We stop by and take care of all of the daily chores. The rest of the time is spent keeping them company in whatever way they like.

House Sitting - Starting at $30, this is the best deal if you have dogs or any pets that want more attention than the occasional short visit. We move into your home and keep the same schedule your pets would normally have to keep their stress as low as possible.

Virtual Coaching - We can work one-on-one on your schedule to tackle exactly the commands you are struggling with. This is all done via video conference so our trainer can give you detailed feedback.

In-Home Private Coaching - Do you want a little more of a personal touch? Our trainer can come to your home to walk you through whatever it is you want to work on.

Full-Service Training - Don't have the time or patience to train your dog yourself? Our trainer can come to your home to work with your dog while you are out.

Online Courses - We have your basic obedience classes available online for you to work through at your pace. You will also get access to the class Facebook group where our trainer goes live to answer any questions you might be having and to demonstrate additional cues and games.

Hourly Sitting - Need someone to stay with your dog while you run errands or go to an event? We can come to your home while you are gone to help keep their anxiety down.

Virtual Training - Our trainer uses a combination of video conferencing and videos you record throughout the week to work with you on reducing your dog's separation anxiety so you can live your life guilt free.

Virtual Coaching - We work with you through a series of video conferences to help tackle whatever issues you might be having.

In-Home Private Coaching - If you need some more hands on attention we can come to your home to provide that coaching in-person.

Full-Service Training - Worried about making things worse or struggling to do the homework? Our trainer can come to your home while you are at work to tackle whatever issues you are having.

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